Four Months in the World

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Whoops, I got slightly distracted and completely missed Zoe’s 4 month birthday. I am sure she will forgive me. I blame the Easter holidays and life with a very needy 4 month old.

Zoe has come on leaps and bounds this last month, she is constantly wiggling and kicking and desperately trying to crawl, she doesn’t quite understand the concept but knows she wants to be anywhere but here, she has places to go and wants to get there in a hurry!

She is 13lb 5oz (weighed at 17 weeks) and while I haven’t measured her, she is crazy tall.

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She is also full of smiles and chat, her favourite thing is to wait until I am feeding her in public, then unlatch, lean back and smile and shout which draws the attention of everyone in the place to my exposed boob. Such fun.

She has also become quite clingy to Mummy, not liking it when I leave a room or try to leave her with anyone else. I think this is partly my own fault as I have been trying so hard to get her into a routine that I’ve been doing it all myself, so she is used to me and will accept no substitutes. I went to a zumba class last week and she screamed for the full hour I was gone, as soon as I walked through the door she was full of smiles, much to Daddy’s horror.

Although everyone keeps telling me its totally normal, it doesn’t help me leave the house alone.

Blog 4 months

Speaking of Zumba, I am trying to get fit and healthy again, I started pre-pregnancy but it all went on hiatus while I grew this adorable tiny human. I am back on track though, running, zumba, healthy food… Lets do this. A lot of people aim to lose their baby weight, but I actually lost weight in pregnancy and I am two stone lighter post baby. My goal is actually to be a fit and healthy mummy who can run around after her crazy child and be a good food role model.

I share all my fitness/healthy stuff over on instagram, so give me a follow if you want to see how I am doing. :)

So, in conclusion this month has been fun, but challenging. Looking forward to starting our new term of classes and seeing how my little baby grows and learns.

Three Months in the World


Three months in the world! Zoe is three months old! Time is really flying now and she is growing like a bean, a very tall little bean. She is still around the 50th centile for her weight but is right up above the 91st for height! Which basically means all her sleepsuits look massive in width to accommodate her height.

In the last month we have started swimming lessons, which she loves. Just like the bath she kicks and smiles in the water and she even went happily underwater! This is amazing for me as I was always terrified of water as a child, so I just love how much of a water baby she is turning into.

We have also started Tiny Talk, which is a baby sign language class, she is still a little young to be signing but she loves all the songs and I love meeting up with other mummys and babies.

Three Months

Zoe has had her first cold this week, which has not been fun at all, its so hard seeing her struggling with a blocked nose and a little temperature. A bit of calpol and lots of cuddles seem to be helping. I don’t know if its the fact she is poorly but the last few nights she has been sleeping through from 7:30pm – 5am! Which my sleep deprived body is exceedingly grateful for. We seem to have fallen into a great sleeping rhythm, which I hope will last (although people keep throwing the 4 month sleep regression at me, which I am in complete denial about)

It is amazing to see how much she has grown and how much more of the world she is taking in. While I do miss my snuggly little newborn sometimes, I can’t wait to see her next milestones, and I am currently reading all about weaning in preparation! My inner foodie is very excited.

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Just look at those toes!

Review: Pelican Bath Tidy

Bath Time

Bath time is often the highlight of the day in my house, Zoe just loves splashing and kicking about in the bubbles.
She tends to get a little fussy in the evenings, and a bath each night tends to settle her and kicks off our bedtime routine.

As soon as I realised she loved the bath so much I rushed out and bought all of the bath toys ever! We have cups, rubber ducks, turtles, whales… Which is all well and good for a fun filled bath but finding somewhere to put all of them when bath time is over was a bit of a challenge.

Bath Tidy 2

Our bathroom is small with little storage space, we have one small wicker set of drawers where we store spare razors and toothpaste, there is just no room for all the toys. We got a net bag which sticks to the wall, which is great but not quite big enough for some of the larger items. Also, when you fancy relaxing in the tub with candles and a good book, a load of toys about the place is a not conducive to a totally relaxing grown-up bath.

I was contacted by Baby Thingz, a shop which is local to me to review the Kids Kit Peli Play Pouch Bath Tidy. Perfect timing or what?

Bath Tidy

The bath tidy is in the shape of a pelican, there are some eye stickers to stick on, but to be honest I think it looks better (and less creepy) without. It is very simple to slide onto the side of the tub, and you can easily lift it off, or turn it around when not in use. You can easily lift the beak and access toys with one hand, while holding the baby with the other, which is a huge bonus as I do sometimes forget to get the toys out before I pop her in.

At first I thought it was a little cumbersome, but after using it for the last two weeks its grown on me and I actually find it incredibly useful. I think as she gets bigger and she is able to grab toys out of the pelican herself (and put them away hopefully) it will really come into its own and maybe even become a toy in its own right. I can imagine us naming him (I’m thinking Scuttle, from the little mermaid) and lifting the beak to make him talk… Hours of fun.

Peli Pouch Bath Tidy Review

So in conclusion, this bath tidy is a handy and fun way to store all of your bath toys in one place, and can easily be lifted or hidden from view when grown-ups fancy a soak. At £15 I think it is very reasonably priced and good value for money.

I would like to see this product in a few different animal or colour options too, maybe a green frog or blue whale?

Thank you to Baby Thingz for sending me this product to try, I received this product for free, but all opinions are my own.

Two Months in the World

Two Months pic

Zoe is two whole months old today, its crazy to say she’s only been here for two months as I can’t even remember what I did with my time before she was here.

Her little personality is starting to emerge and she is already turning into a totally awesome tiny person. She is smiling now! Cute little dimple-y smiles. Of course whenever I get the camera out she gets all smile-shy. She especially loves smiling at strangers, the health visitor, the doctor, the lady who brought the coffees over at soft play…

Two Months in the World

She now weighs a whopping 11lb, which is still following the 50th centile she been on since birth. She is in 0-3 month clothes but quickly outgrowing things in length, she is going to be tall! I have her 3-6 month wardrobe all lined up, and she is going to be one stylish baby!

Her favourite time of day is bathtime, she kicks and splashes and smiles the entire time. We have bought quite a few bath toys and while she can’t grab or play with them yet, she loves looking at the bright colours and when we use the whale cups to shower her in water. I can’t wait to take her swimming as I think she will be a real water baby.

This month we have a few things to look forward to, we start swimming lessons and baby sign classes and we are taking Zoe on her first road trip to Suffolk to visit family. (any tips on travelling with a baby are greatly appreciated)

It is truly amazing watching our little Zozo grow and blossom, and can’t wait to see what comes next (although I’m not in a hurry, as I know she won’t be this little and cuddly forever).

Zoe’s Favourite Baby Toys – 8 Weeks

Zoe is only 7-8 weeks old and is only just starting to focus and take an interest in toys. There are a few that she is starting to show a preference for, or at least these are the ones I enjoy playing with, with her. I thought I would share some of her favourite baby toys with you.

I am not a fan of girly toys, I don’t think girls toys should be pink and boys blue, I want Zoe to be able to play with whatever she wants, and not feel restricted to dolls and pink things. I prefer toys that are bright and colourful that will help her learn and develop.

The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson • £6.99

I love reading bedtime stories to Zoe, I think the more I talk to her in general the better, as it will help her development. Stories also play a part in her bedtime routine, after her bath and being fed we read a story and then go to sleep, she watches me intently when I read to her and I occasionally get a sleepy smile when I do the voices. The Gruffalo is one of my favourite to read as it rhymes and is repetative, yet not boring as some kids books can be.

Blossom farm fabric mobile • Early Learning Centre • £25.00

Zoe isn’t in her cot yet, she is still sleeping in her Moses Basket by my bed, so she doesn’t use her mobile on a nightly basis but I have found when we are upstairs sorting washing or tidying up I can pop her in her cot under the mobile and she loves to watch it go round and round. I can usually get 10 minutes of quiet time thanks to this mobile, so I love it too!

Blossom Farm Spiral Wrap Around • Early Learning Centre • £15.00

This was the first toy I noticed Zoe really focussing on. I wrapped it around the activity bar on her bouncy chair, she loves to bounce and try to hit the hanging down cat and sheep, and when she catches herself in the little mirror she always looks so surprised!

Lamaze Flutterbug Toy • £11.49

I adore Lamaze toys, I love how they aren’t pink or blue, they could be for boys or girls. Zoe loves the bright colours and patterns and can stare at it for hours. We clip it onto her car seat or buggy while we are out and about, she loves to watch and try to hit at it.

Sophie The Giraffe Laughing toy • £12.99

Zoe isn’t grabbing toys just yet, although she has tried but can’t seem to get her hands to behave. She has had a good chew on sophie though during tummy time and she loves the little squeaker, it makes her giggle if you squeak it while pretending Sophie is kissing her on the cheek. I do this silly French accent too which amuses me.

Stacking and Nesting Set • Early Learning Centre • £15.00

Ok, so she isn’t ready for this toy yet but I love it! It is so simple and colourful, my god sons always loved their stacking toys and I really hope Zoe does too. This set has 5 different stackers in one box, so is great value.

I am always on the lookout for new things for Zoe to enjoy, so would love to hear any toy or book recommendations from you guys…

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Finding your Tribe.

Find your Tribe

When I was pregnant I spent a lot of time perusing pinterest devouring everything I could find about parenting, coping with a newborn, survival tips, etc… Seriously, any blog post entitled “top 10 things no one tells you about becoming a mother” or “The secret to surviving with a newborn” was bookmarked and read over an over again whenever a moment of panic came over me. I frequently found myself wondering how I would cope, especially without my Mum to turn to for sage advice.

A lot of the blog posts were repetitive and fairly obvious, but occasionally I came across a gem of advice that stuck with me. One such piece of advice was “Find your tribe”… Let me explain.

There are literally thousands of different parenting styles, breast vs bottle, attachment parenting, tiger moms, baby wearing, cloth nappies, SAHM vs working, baby-led vs routines… Everyone has their own style that works for them and as this video I saw on facebook today shows, things can get cliquey and even sort of aggressive…(WARNING; ends with all the feels)

… But at the end of the day we all want whats best for our babies, and despite our own preferences we all are the same deep down.

With this in mind I wanted to share my experiences in finding my tribe, groups of women without whom I could not have coped half as well in those early days of motherhood.

Facebook; I have always been a fan of online friendships, you don’t necessarily have to meet someone face to face to have a connection and my birth group on facebook is a prime example of this. When I was pregnant I downloaded the Babycentre app which included a forum with groups for each month you are due. So I joined the November forum and enjoyed sharing my experiences of morning sickness and worries over lack of symptoms etc…. It was invaluable in those early weeks when we weren’t telling people. However, the danger with open online forums is trolls and drama, so a private facebook group was set up and I can honestly say they are the loveliest bunch of women in the world. It is brilliant having a tribe of 200 mothers to connect with during night feeds, people to share experiences with, share and seek advice and most importantly have a laugh with.

Instagram; I’ve always been a fan of instagram, but since having Zoe I have discovered a whole new side to it. When posting all the initial newborn baby spam I came across a tribe of mums and dads, all full of advice and eager to share their own lives. Also when you are sleep deprived the picture-based social media is much easier to take in.

Classes and clubs; I have signed up for a few classes in the last few weeks, I went to my first one last week (actually with a couple of ladies I met through the above facebook group) and loved getting out and socialising, and seeing Zoe socialise with other babies. I have also been along to a “sling meet” to try out different slings, and meet other baby-wearers. Getting out of the house is important for my sanity, and meeting up with adults and having proper two sided conversations; priceless.

Existing friends with kids; Once you become a mother you gain a new found respect for your friends with kids. I am lucky enough to have some wonderful mummy friends who have imparted their wisdom and helped me more than they know.

I suppose this post is part advice, find a group of parents you connect with, either online or at local groups and utilise their wisdom; afterall it does take a village. It is also part HUGE GREAT BIG THANK YOUS! to all of the wonderful mothers (and fathers) who have reached out to me and helped me come to terms with this life changing event.

Oh, and if you are a parent (or chronic insomniac) feel free to reach out to me, I can usually be found on instagram and twitter during night feeds, desperate for something to keep my eyes open.